Fiveoclock Boston Terriers

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Fiveoclock Boston Terrier Questionnaire


Please cut and paste this into either an email or a Word doc and send to Pamela at or No such thing as too detailed. Provide your name, address, phone number and email address please.


1. Describe your current household (people and animals, ages, sex, breed, species).


2. Describe your typical day and lifestyle, including your work schedule, and how a puppy's needs will be met.


3. Describe your home and yard (location, fencing type, height, set up, and provisions for the dogs. Where dogs sleep, hang out, and where they are not allowed to be).


4. What dogs have you had during your life? What happened to those dogs?


5. Have you had Bostons before? If not, why do you want a Boston? If you have had Boston, when? What happened to those dogs? Why not go back to that breeder for a puppy? Why do you specifically want one of our pups?


6. How will you be housebreaking this puppy?


7. What trainers and books do you admire or follow?  Why?


8. What do you want in a Boston? Be very specific about the sex, appearance, energy levels, your goals and expectations, including behaviors that you would consider unacceptable?


9. What would happen if this puppy developed physical or behavioral problems that prevented the pup from meeting your goals?


10. What do you feed and why? Have you raised a healthy, normal puppy on this diet? Are you willing to follow our feeding recommendations?


11. What puppy and training classes are available to you locally?  At what age do you plan to

start puppy classes?


12. Our puppies are sold with detailed contracts and CKC non-breeding registrations. Do you plan to show in the breed ring?


13. We use limited vaccinations as per Dr. Jean Dodd's current protocol. Are you willing to follow our recommendations? Is your vet? Are you willing to titer your dog before vaccinating,?


14. What is your time frame for acquiring a puppy?  We only breed a limited number of litters,  so you may have to wait.  Are you willing to wait for the right dog?  How long?


15. We select the puppies for each family, since we know our pups better than anyone else. If two equally suitable puppies are available, then we allow the puppies and you to let us know which is the best match. How do you feel about this?


16. Are you willing to stay in close contact with us, openly discuss any training or health problems you have, and agree to return this dog to us, should you be unable or unwilling to keep the dog?  Our dogs are welcomed home at any age,  regardless of health or behavioral issues.  No questions asked.

17. What do you expect from us as your pup's breeder?


18. What questions or concerns do you have?  Please feel free to ask anything about our dogs.


**Please provide references from your vet, and two friends who know you well with regard to your dog activities. These references will be checked; please provide phone numbers and also email if possible.