Fiveoclock Boston Terriers

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Fiveoclock Boston Terriers is a small carefully thought out breeding program located
in the beautiful Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

Every dog is a family member first, and a show dog second.

Our dogs are health tested for every issue that is a concern to the Boston Terrier breed.  

Eyes - The CAER exam is performed by a veterinary ophthalmologist. The eye is
examined for a variety of hereditary eye diseases. This should be done annually.

Eyes - JHC DNA test - This test is to verify whether a dog is clear, a carrier, or affected
by juvenile hereditary cataracts

Hearing - The BAER exam is performed once in a lifetime. It is performed by a veterinary neurologist. BAER stands for Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response. The test can be done as young as 8 weeks.

Knees - The patella exam is performed by a regular veterinarian. It is done by physically manipulating the knee joint to see if it can dislocate or luxate. A dog must be twelve months old for patella results to be registered with OFA. The first formal test can be done at twelve months. It is recommended that the knees be rechecked/recertified every two years.

We are very particular about who our puppies will spend their lives with. Every potential home is required to complete our questionnaire, provide references, and have a personal interview. 

Here at Fiveoclock Bostons, we have a Welcome Home Policy.  We will take any of our dogs back at any age, for any reason, regardless of health or behavior.  No questions asked.

We do not require or accept deposits.

We do not ship our puppies.

Member in good standing;  The Boston Terrier Club of Canada
                                               The  Boston Terrier Club of America
                                               The  Boston Terrier Fanciers of BC
                                               The Canadian Kennel Club